1st Floor Clubhouse: Sections 113-115

Clubhouse 113 has approximately 16 rows, with half being under cover and half out in the open. There are 15 boxes in each row, giving this section approximately 240 boxes in this section, and 1460 seats. There is a walkway between rows H and J, and row J is the first row barely undercover...if it's raining, row J will be on the drip-line. All but a few of these boxes are 6 seat boxes with metal folding chairs in each box. There are a couple of 8, 9, and 10 seat boxes in this clubhouse section. Row P is the last row up against the wall, and has a very limited row of the racing action, but you will be out of any inclement weather.

Clubhouse 114 has 13 rows, rows A-M. Rows A-L is composed of 6 seat boxes, and row M are 8 seat boxes...all seats are metal folding chairs. There are a total of 180 boxes in rows A-L, or approximately 1080 seats, and then approximately another 100 seats as 8-seat boxes in row M. Rows A-F are located in the open, and row G is the first row located under cover, though you will be on the drip-line if it rains. There are also multiple television sets affixed to poles within the covered area of this section for viewing of the race.

Clubhouse 115 has 12 rows, A-L, with row L being up against the wall undercover. There are 19 boxes in each row of this section, Box 1 being closest to turn 1 of Churchill downs race track, giving this section approximately 228 boxes and 1370 seats. Due to support poles in the areas that are undercover, some of the boxes are 4, 5, and 8 seat boxes, but the majority of those boxes are 6 seat boxes. Rows A-G are located in the open, with rows H-L all being completely undercover in case of inclement weather or too much sun.